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From the veranda to the waterfront terrace, it's time to grab sun cream and sunglasses and enjoy the opportunity to dine al fresco. Enjoy a four-course dinner at sunset at Happy's and soak up the sun with fresh sushi rolls and sangria. Enjoy the people - observe the opportunities and the magnificent views of Puget Sound while enjoying your opportunity to dine al fresco or enjoy the views from the courtyard.

You can sample many dishes that combine Thai culture, taste and history, including staples of Thai cuisine to be enjoyed, as well as some of the best seafood in the region. Look at the menu, which many consider "the best in our region," and the food doesn't get any quieter. Overlooking Des Moines Marina, you can enjoy views of Puget Sound, the Pacific Ocean and even the Seattle skyline. Try the price - seafood with a magnificent view of Seattle's waterfront and the beautiful sea views or enjoy a four-course meal with fresh sushi rolls and sangria.

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